We are a veterinarian-founded and led international company that focuses on providing novel veterinary imaging solutions that improve patient care.


Our mission is to provide advanced, high- quality veterinary imaging without compromising patient safety.


Our vision is to offer novel imaging solutions that facilitate advanced imaging without general anesthesia.

Thorben Schulze discussing the Qalibra CT

Our Partners

Our primary manufacturing partner, Menzel was founded in Germany in 1925 and established a US subsidiary in 1965. In addition to producing and maintaining the patented Qalibra platform, Menzel is known for designing, engineering and developing a variety of unique solutions for a wide variety of textiles, nonwovens, films, technical textiles and paper. The Qalibra platform is manufactured in Germany and maintained by the US team.

Our primary CT partners, Canon and United Imaging, offer a wide variety of CT-scanners that can be configured to use with our platform. These range from 32 to 640 slices, and 70-90cm bore diameter. All systems come with a comprehensive service contract with both in-person and remote CT servicing available anywhere in the world within hours.