Qalibra – The Ultimate in Image Quality and Versatility

The Qalibra CT system couples exceptional image quality with the versatility needed for veterinary medicine.

Qalibra systems utilize high-end computed tomography (CT) scanners designed for human medicine, reconfigured and patented for use in animals.

Our patented, height-adjustable sliding gantry platform is paired with CTs from leading manufacturers. The Qalibra system is unique because the entire gantry moves around the patient.

Horses and small animals can now be examined safely, using the world’s best and fastest CT scanners without the need for general anesthesia.

Spiral CT examinations without the need for general anesthesia set new benchmarks in equine and small animal medicine.

The patients may be examined under either general anesthesia or under light sedation. Examinations of the head, cervical spine and distal limbs to the radial and tibial bones can be acquired while the horse is standing.

Available Systems

Our primary CT partners, Canon and United Imaging, offer a wide variety of CT-scanners that can be configured to be used with our platform. These range from 32 to 640 slices and 70-90cm bore diameter. All systems come with a comprehensive service contract with both in-person and remote CT servicing available anywhere in the USA within hours. The Qalibra system couples our patented platform with one of the following CT-units.

CT system Canon Aquilion Large Bore (LB) Canon Aquilion LB Exceed Canon Aquilion One Genesis
Bore Size 90cm 90cm 78cm
Slices (dual) 32 160 640
Slice thickness 0.5mm 0.5mm 0.5mm
Volume Shot Coverage N/A 4cm 16cm
Generator 72kw 72kw 100kw
X-ray Tube 7.5MHU 7.5MHU 7.5MHU
Field of View (FOV) 70cm 70cm 50cm
Extended FOV 85cm 90cm N/A
Voxel type Isotropic Isotropic Isotropic
Voxel size 0.31mm3 0.31mm3 0.31mm3
Dual Energy N Y Y
CT system United Imaging u530 United Imaging Atlas 4 United Imaging Atlas 16
Bore Size 70cm 82cm 82cm
Slices (dual) 40 160 640
Slice thickness 0.55mm 0.55mm 0.55mm
Volume Shot Coverage N/A 4cm 16cm
Generator 50kw 100kw 100kw
X-ray Tube 5.3MHU 30MHU 30MHU
Field of View
50cm 50cm 50cm
Extended FOV 60cm 60cm 60cm
Voxel type Isotropic Isotropic Isotropic
Voxel size 0.25mm3 0.25mm3 0.25mm3
Dual Energy N Y Y